bodis soliltsoo

Research topic

Determining and diagnosing metabolic disorders in livestock due to mining industry, waste and pollution from various manufactures, regional geo-ecological features and developing measures for fighting against the situation and treating and preventing high risk metabolic disorders occurred in organic or intensified farms, innovate biologically active medical preparations and nurturing product.



Our researcher team human resource consisted from veterinarian, biochemist and physicist who are conducting studies and experiments on veterinary pharmacology, veterinary medicine, biochemistry and metabolism. Laboratory staff: leading researcher, associate professor and doctor (PhD) - 1; senior researcher, doctor (PhD) – 1; researcher, doctor (PhD) – 1, researcher, master 1, researcher, PhD candidate -1 and MS student -1. Our laboratory is certified by the standard MNS ISO 17025: 2007 and we are verified those testing methods by standard methodology. Our laboratory has been domesticated some advanced chemical engineering technologies in the veterinary medicine field.

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